Orlando’s biggest Halloween event just got better

Location-based play

The Forgotten Die turns your iPhone into a gateway to a spooky Halloween adventure. Made specifically for guests at Orlando’s biggest Halloween event, this mobile app provides a much-needed distraction from the long waits that come with huge crowds.

Made by fans of the event for fans of the event, The Forgotten Die is free to download, free to play, and won’t ever try to sell you anything.

UPDATE: App no longer available. Formerly available on the iOS app store.

Kill time in line

Six dungeons await you, each filled with three dangerous monsters or spirits.

Roll your ancient and powerful 20-sided die (D20) to find out which enemy you’ll fight, then face off with them or flee from the battle.

Armed with your D20, you’ll chip away at these fearsome threats – and time flies when you’re having fun. Do your best to master your spellbook and fell your foes before your health runs out.

Reach the end of the queue before you beat all three? No worries. They’ll be waiting for you when you return, and some dungeons cover multiple haunted house queues.

Defeat the Dreadbeasts

When you’re not in line for a haunted house, you can search for six chilling creatures hiding around the park, claiming a trophy from each one you defeat.

You won’t be able to use your spells against the dreadbeasts, and you’ll be limited to using a 6-sided die in your struggle. Worse yet, some dreadbeasts will do 2x or 3x damage, making every encounter a major gamble.

It’s worth the risk, though. For every two dreadbeasts you overcome, you’ll learn a powerful new spell to add to your spellbook. Take these spells into the dungeons and put them to good use.

A terrible fate

The “Unholy Rollers,” a group of friends who play tabletop role-playing games together, created The Forgotten Die as a gift for their dungeon master, Brian.

However, you will quickly discover that the app mysteriously holds the essence of the ancient vampire Count Velnyk.

Now Brian is trapped within the app and fighting for his life. By searching for the locations where Brian is hiding, you can help save him and solve the mystery behind this terrible fate.

Healing Light

Down near the cool waters of the lagoon, you’ll find two columns of healing light where you can roll your ancient D20 to restore your health between fights with the dungeons and dreadbeasts.

Disclaimer: The Forgotten Die is not endorsed, created, or sponsored by any theme park, event, or other company. It has no official association with any such entity. 

Players should not trespass while using the app and should respect all guest rules while on private property.